37 Time Management Tips For People Who Have No Time To Build An Internet Marketing Business

Get up earlier

Stay up later

Stop watching TV

Stop going out for dinner

Work on your lunch hour

Stop drinking alcohol

Stop smoking weed

Eat better food

Exercise or meditate daily

De-clutter your work space

Remove distractions

Wear noise-cancelling headphones

Turn off your phone

Tell the kids to go play

Close the door

Do one thing at a time

Finish it

Learning is not doing

I said turn off your phone

Track your activity

Say ‘no’ more often

Fiercely protect your time

Take responsibility for your time

Focus on ‘good enough’

Focus on your strengths

Focus on shipping

Stop worrying

Push past the doubt

Don’t be so hard on yourself

Remember why you’re doing this

Be OK with where you are

Stop comparing

Do what interests you

Find the fun in it

Always do your best

Do it every day

Do it because you love doing it.


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