The Shortcut

There’s a lot of people who want a shortcut to success.

And while it’s not exclusive to the IM niche, it’s certainly common.

In the IM niche, belief in The Almighty Shortcut is king.

It’s common to believe shortcuts exist. And it’s common to believe that shortcuts are desirable.

Both beliefs are wrong.

The truth is that “shortcuts” are unproven ideas or shady tricks sold to unsuspecting wannabe marketers.

They are an ANGLE, used to sell YOU something that is essentially worthless.

I’m not saying there aren’t ways to speed up a process, or make it simpler.

I’m not saying automation isn’t a good thing, provided it works long-term.

What I’m saying is that you can’t START with shortcuts.

You have to lay a foundation.

You have to gain expertise and authority.

You have to produce content that builds an audience.

You have to find out what people want and sell it to them.

You have to do all of these things consistently, over a period of time.

Then, and only then, should you start thinking about “shortcuts”.

Because at that point you’ll know enough about your business, and you, to make the right decision.


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