Why Own A “Real Business” When You’ve Got The Internet?

We went to a new place for breakfast this morning.

It’s called The Five & Dime, and it’s on the way to the ferry terminal that takes us off Vancouver Island.

And it is, I’m certain, the best diner in the whole wide world.

It’s clean, bright and spacious. It’s in a quiet seaside suburb just outside of town.

Formica table tops, big booths, pictures of Elvis and James Dean above the counter.

Chocolate-peppermint and apple pie-flavoured milkshakes.

The food was simple, ample, and tasty. The service prompt and friendly.

Within 5 minutes of sitting down, I was asking our server about the kitchen layout.

Within 10, I wanted to buy the place. 

And I was only half kidding.

I don’t have the money to buy a diner of course, but I could see myself running it.

I’ve always dreamed of owning a restaurant. I love cooking. I also love hosting and feeding people.

Maybe it’s an instinct I picked up from my Dad, who ran kitchens in his 20s when I was just a baby.

I know lots of restaurants fail, but the dream springs to life every time we discover a great new place to eat.

It was a delicious breakfast, and I know we’ll return again. Many times again, probably.

But as we pulled out and onto the highway, I had a realization.

Even though I have the dream of owning a place like the Five and Dime, I ALREADY own the perfect business for me.

Does my business generate as much income as that diner? Nope.

Is it as profitable? At the time of this writing, not a chance.

But it certainly don’t have the overhead of that place, either.

And here’s another thing…

I’m writing the first draft of this blog post on a ferry.

A boat. On the water.

Try doing THAT running a restaurant.

And this weekend, I’ll launch an information product from a bed & breakfast in the Fraser Valley.

Last year, I earned affiliate commissions that paid for the beer I was drinking in Edinburgh, Scotland – at the same time I was drinking it!

I can build my customer list, offer coaching, film YouTube videos, all of it – from anywhere in the world.

Anywhere I want to be.

I create information products from the stuff I pull out of my head, and I earn money doing it!

There’s almost NO overhead, and I can do it whenever I want, as much as I want, wherever I want.

And for me, this mix of portability, profitability, creativity, and autonomy is what makes this the best business in the world.

For me. You may feel differently.

But I think for now, I think I’ll just visit that great little diner as a customer. That’s enough for me.


I write the words that make the whole blog sing. I can also eat a family sized bag of chips in one sitting. So yeah, I'm pretty rad.

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Joshua Morgan - yesterday

Very nice food for thought as usual my friend. I believe we share a lot in our goals and methods, yet we are different enough to demand the presence of separation.

    Nathan - an hour ago

    I agree, my man.

    There are many paths to where we wish to go. I’m happy we’ve reconnected along the way.



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